Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quizlet Live

I know many of you use Quizlet, a digital flashcard website/app that allows you (and your students if they are over the age of 13) to create study sets and practice using a variety of activities.  There is a new feature to Quizlet that I just have to share - Quizlet Live!  Quizlet live allows teachers to launch a Quizlet Live activity based on a study set (yours - or one you found online) for the whole class to participate in.  This works with all ages because students do NOT need a Quizlet account in order to participate - they just need a device - ANY device!

Students get put into teams automatically and because teammates each get a different list of answers, they must work together (collaboration and communication) to select the right answers.  It is a whole lot of fun and students LOVE it!

You can watch this video (click here) to see a little more about Quizlet Live.  You can also check out these two resources to help you learn more:

Quizlet Live Home Page
How to Use Quizlet Live

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