Monday, September 8, 2014

Daily Reminder Lists With Gmail's Tasks Feature

As a teacher, there are things I need reminders of on certain days of the week, every week.  Recess duty, printing certain weekly assignments, Johnny's pull out at 2:00, etc.  I could use Microsoft Outlook reminders, but I'm a Google Apps user, so I don't use Outlook anymore.  I could use the reminders on my smart phone or iPad, but I don't need it to make a sound, nor do I want to be checking my phone all the time in front of my students.  I don't need an audible reminder, I just need a list somewhere that doesn't get lost in the paperwork covered pile I call my desk.  What to do, you ask?  The Tasks feature in Gmail has a handy way to solve this problem.

If you are unfamiliar with the Tasks feature in Gmail, see my Keeping Track of Tasks with Google Apps post about how to set up and use the Tasks feature.

As I showed in that post, you can create multiple tasks lists.  So why not create one for each day?  By clicking on the little bulleted list icon in the bottom right hand corner of the tasks window, you will bring up a list.  You can choose "New list" to make your lists and then just click on the list name to switch to it.

Every morning when you boot up your computer and sign into your email, switch your Tasks list to the right day of the week.  So simple!

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