Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Keyboard Shortcut for Adding a Comment in Google Docs

Like I've said before, I love using Google Docs with my students and leaving them comments as feedback on their writing.  Leaving comments for students is great, but there is a bit of clicking involved.  These keyboard shortcuts have shortened up the process significantly, especially if I'm using a device with a touchpad instead of a mouse.

If you aren't already familiar with making comments on a Google Doc, click here to read my introductory post.

To make your comment - position your cursor or highlight the desired text and then press Control-Alt-M (Command-Option-M for Mac).  This will open up the comment window.  Type in your comment and then hit Control-Enter (Command-Enter for Mac) to submit the comment.  Simple I know, but it saves so much time when you are grading multiple documents in one sitting.

Try this out next time you leave comments on a doc.  Trust me, you'll never go back to using the mouse!

Stop in again soon for more handy tech tips!

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