Friday, November 13, 2015

Some Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  Some you might know, some you may not.  There are so many more, but these are the ones I use the most.  They are all listed for PC.  Unless otherwise noted, for a Mac - just replace Ctrl with Command.  (Select all would be Command-A instead of Ctrl-A)

Word Processing
Ctrl-A = select all
Ctrl-L = left align (ctrl-shift-L in Google Docs)
Ctrl-R = right align (ctrl-shift-R in Google Docs)
Ctrl-E = center (ctrl-shift-E in Google Docs)
Ctrl-C = copy
Ctrl-V = paste
Ctrl-Shift-V = paste using destination formatting - see post to explain.
Ctrl-X = cut
Ctrl-B = bold
Ctrl-I = italics
Ctrl-U = underline

Just for Google Docs
Ctrl-Alt-M = Make a comment (see post)  (Command-Option-M on Mac)

Just for Microsoft Word
Ctrl-1 = single space
Ctrl-2 = double space
Ctrl-5 = 1.5 space

Google Chrome
Ctrl-F = opens a search bar to find words on a webpage or Google Doc (see post)
Ctrl-Shift-D = save all your open tabs in a bookmark folder (see post)
Ctrl-Shift-B = toggles your bookmarks bar on and off

To Navigate - (see post about all of these)
Ctrl-Shift-T = opens the last tab you closed
Ctrl-T = open a new tab
Ctrl-W = close the active tab (the one you actively looking at)
Ctrl-Tab = switch to next tab to the right (same on Mac)
Ctrl-Shift-Tab = switch to the next tab to the left (same on Mac)
Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-8 = switch to that number tab
Ctrl-9 = takes you to the last tab you have open
Press Ctrl while you click on a link = open the link in a new tab
Press Ctrl-Shift while you click on a link = open the link in a new tab and take you to that tab

Enjoy!  Stop in again soon for more handy tips!

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