Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google Forms: Where Are My Responses?

Now that you've made a Google Form and you've got some responses - let's talk about where to find the response information and all the options you have to choose from.

Responses live in the Google Form itself.  You can click on "Responses" across the top to see them.  You'll notice it will tell you right at the top how many responses you have received.

Once you click over to the responses, you'll see a variety of things.  

Some of these options are pretty self explanatory, but I want to detail a few that might not be as obvious.  

Getting to the Spreadsheet
In the older Google Forms, a spreadsheet was automatically created.  Now, if you want a spreadsheet - which is where all the magic happens in my opinion - you have to tell it to create one.  To do this, you can click on the little green spreadsheet icon near the top.  

On a brand new form, the first time you click the spreadsheet icon, it will prompt you with two choices: 

1.  Create a new spreadsheet named after your form.
2.  Select an existing spreadsheet where you want the answers to go.  This can be very handy if you are creating a different copy of a form for multiple classes.  It allows you to have different forms for each class, but then all the answers feed into different tabs across the bottom of the spreadsheet.  You can click here to watch this quick video to see how that would look.

Once you have made your choice you can click on the blue "create" button.

Any other time you click the spreadsheet icon, it will take you directly to the spreadsheet where your responses can be found.   

Other Options
If you click on the three dots icon next to the spreadsheet icon, it will give you a variety of other options.  

You can choose to get email notifications, change a response destination from one you have already set up, unlink the form from a spreadsheet, download all of the responses into a .csv (spreadsheet file), print all the responses, or delete the responses.  Deleting can be tricky - you can read my post about it for more information.  

Viewing and analyzing your Google Form responses could not be easier!

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