Monday, November 14, 2016

Search Google Drive or Chrome Web Store from the Omnibox

Save a few steps when you need to search for something in your Google Drive or on the Chrome Web Store by setting up the Omnibox (that's what the address bar in Chrome is called) to automatically search those places when you type in a special keyword.

Do this by going up to the Omnibox (where the website URL is across the top) and right clicking in it.  Then choose "Edit Search Engines".

Scroll to the bottom of the window that comes up and you will see an empty box - a place to add a new search engine.

This works by using a keyword.  Which means, whenever you type that keyword into the Omnibox and then hit the spacebar - it will be ready for you to type in what you want to search for on that specific website.  You can see below the two things I typed in for Google Drive and for Chrome Web Store.  You can choose a different keyword if you want, but be sure that the URL is exactly the same as what I typed.

Google Drive:

Chrome Web Store:

When you are done with one, click "Done".  Then you can go up, right click in the Omnibox again, and choose "Edit Search Engines" to add your second one.

Now, no matter what website I'm currently on, I can go to the Omnibox and type in dr and hit spacebar.  Then it will be ready for me to search Google Drive.  I can do the same thing by typing cws and then hitting spacebar.  Now I can type in what I want to search for in the Chrome Web Store.  It's a beautiful, time saving thing!  You can do this for most any website - Amazon, YouTube, Bible Gateway.  Just hit me up for the URL query code for those if you are interested!

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