Friday, March 23, 2018

Google Slides: Edit the Master Slide Layout

Sometimes you want students to have a specific layout in their presentation, or perhaps there are certain shapes, images, graphic organizers, etc. that you'd like to have in the background of a Slides presentation for the students to use as an assignment template - Venn Diagram, specific questions you want to be answered in a certain area of the slide, etc.  This can all be done easily by editing the Theme of your slide deck, which holds all the master layouts.  Anything you place in the Theme builder slides will become part of the background of the slide and students can't accidentally delete it.  You can even choose the default font style, size, and color.  Watch this short video to see how.  Then let your imagination run wild with possibilities!

*Note - this is now found under View --> Theme builder 


  1. Super useful, thank you! I've been thinking about how to make some elements so that students cannot accidentally delete them.

  2. How do you make it so that the students have labels they can drag and drop onto the locked master background? I saw this file ( but can't figure out how those label options in student mode are able to still move and be instantly duplicated and not deleted by accident? Can you please help me?


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