Monday, October 12, 2015

Customize the Look of Your Google Form

Google Forms has some pretty nice looking themes for you to choose from when you go to create your form.  I was happy with the standard themes.  I was even happier when I realized you can customize them!

When you are editing your form, you will see the "Change theme" button across the top.  

When you click "Change theme", you will get a theme chooser window that opens on the right side of your form.  You can scroll through and choose the theme you like best.  Once you click on your desired theme, you can use it as is, or you can click on the "Customize" option that comes up.

Once you click "Customize", you will see all the options that you have control over.  

Click on "Header image" at the top and click "Choose image".  You can then scroll through all the fun header images they supply or upload your own image.

You also have options for font style, color, and size for titles, descriptions, questions, help text, and options.  They give you the chance to change your form background color and the page background image as well.

To get back to editing your form once you have made all your choices, click on "Edit questions" across the top of your screen.

Have fun customizing your forms!

If you are new to Google Forms - check out my Google Forms 101 post.

Stop in again soon for more handy tech tips!


  1. hello what is the size for a custom banner image

  2. 800 x 200 is the recommended size for the new Google Forms. It doesn't always look as nice as it did in the old forms though. Uploading your own image can be tricky in the new forms. You can still use the old Google Forms - and the images there are recommended at 500 x 125.


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