Monday, October 12, 2015

Google Forms: Changing Response Location

Unless you have specified otherwise, Google Forms will create a new responses spreadsheet for each of your forms.  Did you know you can change this location?  One reason why you might want to change this location is to have responses from multiple forms in the same document.

Scenario:  I'm doing a review activity in all of my 6 periods of Science.  I'd like to have all the responses in the same document to be more organized and save me some time while I'm looking over the results. 


Step 1 - Create your form for the first period as usual.  Forms will automatically set up your responses document.  

Step 2 - Copy and rename your form for the second period.  Forms will automatically set up your responses document, but you are going to change that.  Click on the "Responses" menu and choose "Change response destination".  

This will open a window.  Mark the option for it to be on a new sheet in an existing spreadsheet and then click "Choose".

It will open another window where you can choose the spreadsheet where you would like your responses to go.  In this case, I'm going to select Science Review Period 1.  Choose your spreadsheet and then click "Select".

Now, if you go to the spreadsheet you chose, you will see both form responses tabs are there.  You can rename the tabs so you know which period is which.  It puts the new form in front, so the "Form Responses 2" tab will be my Period 2 class.   

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for all the other Science periods.  

Step 4: Delete the extra response sheets that were created when you made the forms since you won't be using them.

All done!  Handy, right?  

If you are new to Google Forms - check out my Google Forms 101 post.

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  1. I don't understand changing location. I just want a new copy of the same form for each day so I don't end up having to scroll through 100 responses by the end of the week to get to the ones for the current day. If it helps, I am using a Google form for the parents of my students to report what their child worked on for that day. Maybe forms is not the right choice for this type of reporting?

    1. Hi Katie - I think Google Forms is great for this, however I wouldn't make a new form for each day. There are a few things you can do to help:
      1. After you have looked at the responses for the last time each day, delete them from the spreadsheet. If you'd like to see them ever, they are still in the form itself. You can also delete them from the form itself if you'd like. You can see how to do both of those things here -
      2. You can keep all the old responses in case you might want to look at them later, but get them out of your way by hiding those rows in the spreadsheet. Just highlight all the rows that have responses in them and then right click and choose "Hide Rows". Then they are there if you need to access them, but you don't have to scroll through them.
      3. If you want to keep the days responses, you can click the little plus in the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet to add another tab at the bottom. Copy the answers from the last day into the new sheet and then delete those responses from the first sheet. You can do that each day if you need to.

      Hopefully one of those solutions will help you!


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